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Best Above Ground Pool Liners Reviews 2019


Have you ever seen an eye catching pool site? If you have, you should have given some time to analyze what attributes make the pool and the pool site amazingly beautiful. You can imagine how the whole setup would look when you remove any one of the components that have been used to accessorize the whole set up. Most of the pools that have been designed to give you an exotic experience have unique and excellent design, well decorated exterior and surrounding set up are essential parts that make a pool site beautiful. But, that’s not all what makes it like in heaven. Rather, the most important thing that is there making the pool look great is the above ground pool liner that is installed there.

An above ground pool liner is a vinyl based lining installed on pool walls covering the whole pool area at the bottom and the inner walls. Such liners cover the whole inner surface of the pool giving it protection against leakage and mold issues. Another most important function is that it gives beautiful texture and design to the pool as it comes in various designs and patterns from which the users can choose according to their choices.

But now the issue comes when you want to have an above ground liner, but you don’t know what to buy and where to buy and how to choose the best.

Top 3 above ground pool liners

Riviera Round Beaded
  • Riviera Round Beaded

  • Our Rating:
  • Type: Beaded liner
  • Material: Premium grade vinyl

  • Pool size: Fits 48 inches pool walls

  • Design: Riviera Vinyl Design

  • Shipping: Free
  • Warranty: 25 years
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  • Shark Nation Overlap

  • Our Rating:
  • Type: Overlap liner
  • Material: High grade swimming pool vinyl
  • Pool size: Fits 48", 52", & 54" pool walls
  • Design: Shark Nation theme design
  • Shipping: Free
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Check on Amazon
  • Antilles Dolphin Overlap

  • Our Rating:
  • Type: Overlap liner
  • Material: Extra heavy duty, 100% virgin vinyl material
  • Pool size: 48" or 52 inches pool walls
  • Design: Antilles Dolphin theme design
  • Shipping: Free
  • Warranty: 25 years.
  • Check on Amazon

Here comes our help. We have compiled a whole set of all useful information right here.  We will discuss each aspect one by one to make you feel equipped when selecting a pool liner for your pool.

What is a pool liner?

The first thing you should know is “what is called an above ground pool liner?”

above ground pool liners

Pool liners

As its name indicates it’s a Vinyl lining that you may install in your pool. Pool liner has lots of useful aspects and people who possess an above ground pool would love to have it installed in the pool due to number advantages they would get.

A pool liner is flexible sheet made of vinyl, either it could be a recycled material which is thinner comparatively or it can be a virgin vinyl stuff which is better than the former and thick enough to provide better protection.

It can be simple or plain colored, embossed or smooth surfaced thick or thin 3D designed or simply patterned. You can choose it according to your choice and the needs of your pool to be catered.

The smooth surfaced Vinyl pool liner is the best because it provides equal cover to all parts of the  pool wall.

Another important feature could be its thickness. The thicker the liner the better it would be. A pool liner beautifies the pool along with adding safety from any sort of leakage issues.

Who needs an above ground pool liner?

A pool liner is best for people who have an above ground pool made of fiberglass. It’s because such pools have a higher probability of water leakage and other issues like that. A pool liner would be the best solution for such pool that will cover all sides and corner giving the pool a leak proof inner surface.

So if you are thinking about installing a pool liner and are not sure why you should do so then please check for following aspects:

  • You need to make the pool leak proof
  • You need to add a design to the inner walls of your pool
  • You need an extra layer to the pool
  • To protect the inner surface from getting damaged

If you have any of the above mentioned requirements, then you should be installing a vinyl pool liner to your above ground pool.

Types of above ground pool liners

Swimming pool liners are a great way to protect the pools by covering the walls and floor of the pool with a layer of vinyl covering or any other synthetic material. Pool liners prevent the buildup of mould, fungus and other infectious material along the pool walls and prevent the spread of bacterial infections along with saving the pool itself. Pool liners can be used on both above ground and in-ground pools and are available in different designs and models.

On the basis of the mode of installation

The above ground pool liners are of four types varying mainly because of their structure and the way of application. 

  1. Overlap Pool Liners:
overlap pool liners

photo by linerworld

The overlap pool liners are placed along the top rim of the pool and wrapped down along the pool wall with the help of plastic coping strips. They come in a variety of patterns and when buying an overlap pool liner, make sure to take accurate measurements of your pool. Overlap pool liners are most suitable for flat bottomed pools having a wall height of around 48’’ to 54’’.

  1. Beaded Pool Liners:
beaded pool liners

photo by abovegroundpoolbuilder

These liners are fixed in5to a built-in pool track, also known as bead receiver, placed along the pool walls. These pool liners are easy to install, used readily and there are a large variety of patterns to choose from. For a beaded pool liner, it is very important to give the accurate wall height of your pool otherwise wrinkles can appear on the surface of the liner and cause damage in the long run.

  1. J-Hook Pool Liners:
J-Hook Pool Liners

photo by hallmarkspapools

J-Hook pool liners have a shape like an upside down J and simple drop down the pool walls while the J-Hook at the edge hangs them across the pool wall and keeps the liner in shape, eliminating the need of a coping strip. J-Hook Liners are easy to install and use and can also be used in place of a pool liner.

  1. Uni-bead pool liner:
Unibeaded Pool Liners

photo by familypoolfun

A uni-bead pool liner is both a j-hooked and a standard bead. In case you need to use the j-hook bead you just have to hook up the liner on the wall. But if you have to use the standard bead, you will have to remove the j-hook and then install it into the pool.

Types On the basis of thickness

Above ground pool liner can also be classified on the basis of its thickness. You can check for its thickness through the mills and gauge given on the liner. The more the mill’s and the gauge values, the thicker would be the liner.

Mostly thicker pool liners are considered to be better than the thin ones.

Because the thicker the liner the better it would remain in its position, there will be less chances of getting damaged and it will remain wrinkle free. You should be looking for a smooth surfaced thick liner rather than a thin or embossed one.

Types On the basis of designs

Another variable that you can use to classify the pool liners is the designs and patterns available on it.

If you have decided to install a pool liner to add into the aesthetics of the pool then its should be an important factor while choosing a better one for you.

There are mainly two main types of pool liner on the basis of deigns offered:

  • Liners with a 3D design
  • Liner with simple patterns on it

If you want to add extra value to the interior of your pool, then you must be buying a liner with a 3D effect. It will give an extraordinary look, giving it a real look like a natural pool or underwater environment.

In other case, you can also have a simple pattern or design on it.

All pool liners are made up of a durable, thick vinyl sheet and although they may need maintenance and replacement, but it will be long before you will have to replace your pool liner and get a new one.

How to choose the best above ground pool liner?

Above ground pools are the quickest and most economical way to get a swimming pool at home. They are easily portable and you can carry them around whenever you are moving house. Above ground pool liners come with a built-in pool liner which protects the wall and floor of your pool and prevent the buildup of mold and other bacterial Infections.  While an above ground pool is long lasting and durable, the pool liners can wear out a few years down the road, they are prone to cracks and leaks and require a replacement once the damage is done. The good thing is pool liners are easy to replace and are available in the market in different types and multiple design patterns.

Choosing the best pool liner can be difficult, but following these simple steps will help you get the right pool liner for your pool.

Accurate Pool Measurement:

For a new pool liner, you need to take accurate measurements of your pool. For an above ground pool only diameter and depth measures are required which are often provided by the manufacturer but you can also take them manually.

Check the Pool Liner Style:

Along with measurements, choosing the best pool liner for your pool requires proper inspection of the pool. Check whether your pool is compatible to use the overlapping pool liner or a beaded pool liner. The overlap pool liner is draped down the pool walls and overlaps the pool edge wall while the liner is placed into a bead receiver which is present along the pool walls. Such a liner is the most commonly used and also a preferred type of pool liners. It is because these liners are sturdy and can hold up for a long time without getting wrinkled or damaged.

It depends upon the adjustments and set up of your pool. If you have a beading receiver then you can easily install a beaded pool liner instead of an overlap liner. The next thing is to consider the type of beading you can install again depending upon the receiver you have within your pool.

Once you determine the type of your pool liner, choosing the right pool liner for your pool becomes simple and easy.

Choosing the design Pattern and Thickness:

Pool liners are available in a variety of design patterns and a varying thickness. It is important to choose the right thickness for your pool liner.  A pool liner with good thickness will have a stronger resistance towards cuts and leakages. The built-in pool liners usually have a thickness of 20 mil but the replacement pool liners can be found with a thickness of up to 30 mil. A 20 mil thickness will do just fine for your pool and last many years before it is worn out, however if you want a long term, expensive solution you can go for a 30 mil thickness as well. Make sure that the pool line is made up of a good quality vinyl material which is not recycled otherwise the durability of your pool liner will be greatly affected.

Pool liners are easy to install for above ground pools, but extra care should be taken to avoid wrinkles on the surface of pool liner. Consider professional help if you are doing it for the first time or are unsure about the procedure.

Important features

When it comes to above ground pool liners, there are a number of different features which need to be looked at rather carefully. Below, we look at some of those features.

High quality Material

The material should be robust and long lasting. Typically, you will find vinyl to be the preferred material across multiple brands of above ground pool liners, but the story does not end there – you must check for the quality of the vinyl and ideally it should be high quality, premium grade vinyl. There are two kinds that are there recycled and virgin vinyl. You should always be going for the virgin vinyl based liner.

Type of liner

The type of liner also makes a big difference when it comes to your choice of above ground pool liners. Commonly you will find overlap or above ground pool liners. Here the aspect to consider is the layout / design of the pool that the liner is meant for – accordingly, you can go ahead and make a choice of the type of liner.


When it comes to the design or theme, it is actually a tough call in the sense there are so many different designs on offer, all of which can easily be considered to be quite appealing, like 3d designs making your pool like a real sea or pond.

So at the end of the day, it boils down to personal taste and preference. In this context, preference of those frequently using the pool (maybe your kids?) or general trends in the market should also be taken into consideration.


Quality is no doubt a very important parameter. As mentioned above, simply being made of vinyl is not enough – the vinyl itself should be of very high quality. Further, there should be unflinching protection from harmful UV rays of the sun as well as chemicals commonly present in pools.

The Benefits of installing a pool liner

Pool liners are an essential part of in-ground and above ground pools. They come in different designs and are available in different installation styles according to the build and structure of your pool. All the pools come with a built-in pool liner, but once the replacement is required, you can easily install a pool liner with a little or no professional help.

Some of the several benefits of pool liners are:

  1. A pool liner gives a cosmetic look to your pool and gives the swimmers a smooth swimming experience by giving the walls and floor of the pool an evenly flat layer.
  2. Pool liners prevent the damage of the pool itself and avert the chances of mould formation between the walls of the pool.
  3. A good quality pool liner lasts for as many as 7 to 10 years and makes the maintenance and cleaning of the pool a simple and quick process.
  4. Custom built Pool liners allows you to give a more personalized look to your swimming pool and make the swimming experience all the more luxurious and fulfilling.
  5. In case of damage and replacement, pool liners are easily available at economical prices and can save you the expenditure of changing the pool altogether.
  6. Good Quality Vinyl pool liners, with an optimum thickness prevent leakage and breakage of pool walls and floors and have a strong resistance towards weather, extreme temperature, anti-bacterial chemicals and sharp objects.

Having a swimming pool at home is an ultimate luxury treat and gives you the freedom from having to join swimming clubs every season. Proper pool maintenance and replacement of pool liners on time is very important to keep the pool in a good condition and maintain proper pool hygiene.

What are best above ground pool liners?

1. Shark Nation Overlap Ground Pool Liner

Shark Nation Overlap Ground Pool Liner

A major attraction of the Shark Nation – 24 feet Overlap Pool Liner, apart from its charming décor of course, is its premium quality, made from superior swimming pool Vinyl. Thanks to this high grade quality, you can be assured that with Shark Nation – 24 feet Overlap Pool Liner, you will not only be protected from UV rays of the sun but also from chemicals in the pool’s water. It has got a 25 year warranty to ensure the quality of the product.

Check on   Read full review

2. Antilles Dolphin Ground Pool Liner

Antilles Dolphin Ground Pool Liner

An attractive facet of this pool liner is the wide range of sizes and colors in which it is offered, bringing joy to a disparate range of customers out there!
It has a thickness of about 25 gauge and is best to be used for 48-52 inches constant depth pools. Further, robust vinyl material means that you are absolutely 100% protected from strong UV rays or potentially harmful chemicals. It has complete protection against wrinkling and getting folded. The liner also comes with a 25 year warranty.

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3. Riviera Above Ground Pool Liner


As with other premium pool liners a strong facet of this pool liner is the robust protection it offers, not only from chemicals but also from powerful UV rays of the sun. its best to be used in 48 inches pools .Moreover, seaming on this is of especially very high quality. Of course, FREE shipping proves to be the icing on the cake (or should we say beads on the liner?!)

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When it’s time to replace a pool liner:

A pool liner is a considerable investment and a liner can last for about 8-12 years. The longevity of a pool liner depends upon various factors  and maintenance practices.  For example:

  • What chemicals are used in the pool
  • Direct Exposure to the direct sunlight
  • Cleaning agents used
  • Quality of the liner

All these factors determine for how long you can maintain your pool liner in a better condition. The more severe the effects are, the quicker the liner would get faded away.

The conditions that indicate that you should be replacing your pool liner include following:

  • You liner has got wrinkles in it
  • The surface has got slippery
  • You have found some leakage areas
  • The color or pattern has got faded

All these situations call for a pool liner replacement.


Above ground pool liners are the most helpful accessories for the pool owners who need their pools neat and clean and also look beautiful. These liners help people maintain their pool for a long time and also make them a gem in your house. They are beneficial for both, users and the pool. In order to get a perfect pool liner, you should be knowing some of its basic features. And here we have tried to present all the necessary information you would need to get a pool liner easily. We have described the attributes that will help you find the best pool liner for your pool and will help you add value to your precious property.

Now you must be able to find a best liner for your pool, why not get it now!

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