Confer 7200 Above Ground Pool Ladders Review


If you are looking for the high quality above ground pool ladder with a guarantee of being stable and adjustable to the wide range of available pool sizes, then this Confer Plastics ladder can fulfill most of your requirements, very easily. The most needed features of pool ladder include a sturdy design and a stable structure to give sufficient support for the users. Confer plastics A frame ladder can give you the amount of support and the level of reliability that you need as an above ground pool ladder.

So if you want to have a sneak peek into the features of this fabulous pool ladder, here is the complete supplement on the features of this useful ladder:


 It is designed in an A shape ladder form with a stable structure that balances well in the pool. It has wide steps a roll guard with a lock, and a platform on the top to be used safely without any issues.

Stability and sturdiness:

The first and the foremost thing that makes this pool ladder a favorite of all times, is its stability and sturdiness. As a matter of fact, most of the people think that how they can consider this ladder as stable one; because it has an A shaped structure and is made of plastic. But reason is that, the ladder is light when it is not fixed, but once it is placed and submersed into the pool with water filled inside, it becomes a heavy ladder and also can be attached to the pool frame to make it more stable and supportive.

It is very sturdy and you can trust this one as your chosen ladder for your above ground pool.


The ladder is capable to be adjusted over a pool having the height around 48 to 56 inches. For the tall pools with a maximum height limit it can be placed easily and can be attached to the pool frame. It fits well with most of the pool heights that are available on the market and can be adjusted according to the needs. You can also adjust it with a deck if required, by removing the rail on one side.

Weight limit:

The weight limit of the pool is 300 pounds. Most of the users who already are using this ladder, say, it can withstand people having a weight more than 300 lbs and the ladder stays unaffected and is reliable.

High quality material:

 The material that is used is of high quality and is not a cheap and light plastic that will break easily; rather it is strong and sturdy and is reliable without any doubts. Confers plastic material that is used in the manufacture of the ladder can withstand heavy usage and will provide sufficient stability and support for a long period of time.

How to use?

Using the ladder requires a little knowledge about how to install this ladder into the above ground pool. As people may not be aware of some tricks that can make the job a lot easier.

You will have to set the ladder alongside your pool and before you start using it you will need to fill it water. It is because the ladder will gain its maximum wait and it will make the ladder more stable and affixed to the pool. You may have to fasten it to the pool frame. If your pool is tall enough and touches the ladder platform, you may not need to do this.

Also, you can screw it through the bottom, but it may damage the liner so may not refer that option.


  • Highly stable and sturdy and has got great design to support many users without getting unstable.
  • Can support or can be used by heavy people without getting damaged or cracked, up to 300 lbs or above.
  • Made with high quality material and very easy to install due to light weight.
  • Can be used with most of the standard sized above ground pools


There are some downsides of this pool which are stated below:

  • It may not be able to use with inflatable pools as it cannot be fixed to them with screws, so you need to have a pool frame to make it attached to the pool side.
  • For pools that are too short or too high stability can be compromised if the ladder is not fixed using screws.

Overall, the ladder is safe and strong enough for any kind of heavy usage and can give you a reliable support as a pool ladder. Though it is quite obvious that you can only use it with the above ground pools to which you can fix it in a stable way, but still its wide adjustability options and easy installation make it the best.
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