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Pool steps come with a wide range of designs, colors and features comply with the varied preferences people have for their pool sides. So, in order to fulfill all such demands and preferences regarding the design and styles for any kind of above ground pool step installation, Confer plastic pool step manufacturers offer a wide range of pool step designs to match any kind of style a person needs for his or her poolside.

This Confer above ground swimming pool curve step system is one of the various styles they have offered up till now. This one gives a unique look and usability for the users and adds elegance and style to transform your pool into a luxurious pool.

Let’s have a look into the various uses and benefits of this unique pool step that you can have in your home for an enhanced look and high quality support for the pool users.

Important Features

What could be asked more than what this curved pool step system offer, here is a brief look:

Unique Design

The design of the pool step systems is a bit unique and different from others simple and straight pool steps in systems. It has broader and wider steps, curved in a unique way so that they provide a better design and broader steps to make the step system more stable and gives more space for the user. It also ads beauty to the pool and make it look better and stylish than just simple steps. It is a four step pool step system with hand rails, made of strong materials. The curved can be fitted outwards or in the other direction according to your needs.

Weight Capacity And Dimensions

The pool step system is capable of supporting 400 lbs of weight without any issues. So no worries if the users are oversized or heavy bodied. The overall system dimensions are  32 inches D, 47 inches H and 58 inches wide while the step dimensions are 27 inches x 10 inches x 11 high making the steps supportive and balanced for everyone.

High Quality Materials

The step system has been made with high quality and strong plastic and promises to withstand many seasons along your pool. The plastic is chemical resistant and would not disintegrate for many years to come.

Strong And Supportive

The shape and structure is supportive and has oversized brackets to make it stay stable along the pool wall. In addition to this there are wide base, adjustable foot pads to let you set it with the varying ground levels and keeping the pool steps in place in a balanced way.

Easy To Install

Easy to adjust and install and can be fixed adjacent to the required height according to the size and height of the pool wall.


The system comes with a 5 year warranty, so that the users can be assured to have a quality product when they get it.

How to use?

Installation is not a trouble. You can follow the given instructions in a step by step manner and it can be fixed easily. The main thing is to fill the inner tubes with sand e or pea gravel to make it stay stable in the pool. You can adjust the brackets and foot pads according to the pool level and the ground.


  • Very strong and stable with elegant design that adds beauty to the poolside.
  • Can support heavy bodied users without any issue or harm done to the system.
  • Well designed and adjustable to bring ease and customization
  • Long lasting and comes with a sufficient warranty period


  • It has some sharp points that need to be cut off so that the pool can be kept safe from getting harmed
  • You will need a lot of sand or gravel to insert into the system in order to make it stay stable.

Despite a few issues, the pool step system is a perfect fit for any above ground pool that you have. It is an elegant and stylish option for a pool with a lot of users. It can support oversized users as well as kids and elders equally and can give enough platforms to get into the pool safely. It gives enough safety and usability so that you would not have to feel worried about anything regarding the pool step system for years to come.
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