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People love to have a stylish, simple and smart accessories alongside their above ground pools and that what makes them feel good. So, when it comes to selecting a pool step for a pool that is used by a lot of people off and on and needs to be strong and well structured, then you must not compromise in any way. Everest Above ground pool step is one of the best pool steps people would love to install along their poolside.

In addition to a a strong structure the pool step also needs to be structured in a great way so that it looks elegant and best fitted to your pool. Everest pool step complies to all these features, perfectly and can deliver the quality of support you need to see in your pool step.

Prominent features

Some of the most prominent features you must know about this pool step are discussed below:

Design and structure

The design and structure of this pool step, is perfect for a stylish look as it has got white base structure and is available with blue steps. It has a strong and well balanced design that keeps it stable when installed along your above ground pool. It is capable of staying firm and can be adjusted with the help of two plates within a certain height. There are two brackets to fix the steps along your pool and two rails to give enough support for the holding a climbing on the steps,  in an easy way. Handrails can be removed.


The pool step is made of plastic which is definitely of high quality and would never lose its features and colors no matter how much you use it. It is lightweight when shipped and easy to install and can withstand any conditions when placed along your pool.

Support and strength

The steps are strong enough to support the weight exerted by the users and give sufficient support without getting damaged. In other words, it is a long lasting companion.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity is 350 lbs which is enough for people having a heavy body. The pool step can withstand any weight around this weight limit or slightly above.


It is perfect for 48 inches to 54 inches deep above ground pool. The individual steps has the dimensions 27inches x 11¾ inches x 1½ inches,  which gives a sufficient support for the climbing person.

How to use?

The steps are very well designed and has been configured to give the best experience for the users.  These steps need to be fitted to the pool frame with the help of the provided brackets. Also, you will have to fill in the sand in the tubes to make sure it gains its required weight and stability. Do make sure you have sealed the sand perfectly so that it would not leak into the pool. After installation, you can stay worry free no matter for how long you have been using it.


  • The steps are very well formed and can stay firm without losing its balance
  • They are easy to install and requires no extra time , you just need to put it to the right place and they are ready to use.
  • These are sturdy and made of strong plastic that will not lose its color, form and structure.
  • It is capable of supporting heavy bodied individuals. 


  • If you don’t put in the proper amount of sand into it, it may not sit perfectly against the pool wall.
  • It may press the liner and may damage it if you don’t opt to put in a step pad underneath the steps base.

As a whole, this pool step defines all the structural features in a way that it can be a great option for the users in many ways. You can adjust the height and can use it for a long period of time and it would not lose its qualities, despite of heavy usage. You can keep it in  if you need a hassle free pool step for kids and elders, equally. The well designed pool step promises to provide the support all users need.
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  1. Reply Lisa Austin February 15, 2019 at 2:20 am

    We take these steps out for winter. Unfortunately when we took them out this time they almost fell from our deck, and broke off one of the deck attachment pieces. Does anyone know how i can find another piece. Or ideas..we have had these steps for years. Totaly love them.

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