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Overlap pool liners are particularly used for above ground pools. These liners do not contain any kind of receivers to keep them intact, along the pool rim rather coping strips are used to wrap them along the pool walls and protect them against wrinkles. One needs to be very careful while installing an overlap pool liner as it is very important to ensure wrinkle free, smooth setting of the liner along with proper clippings at the rim. These pool liners come in a variety of design patterns to choose from and give your pool a new look at every replacement


The Shark Nation 24 ft Overlap Pool liner is made up of good quality synthetic vinyl material and carries a strong resistance against unexpected breakage. This liner is a product of Quality Pool Products and comes with free shipping and a 25 year warranty period.

Dimensions – This overlap swimming pool liner will work with 48”,52” and 54’’ depth swimming pools. It is 24 feet round and is most suitable for pools with a flat base.

Design value – The Shark nation pool liner has an attractive design which makes your  swimming experience all the more fulfilling and enjoyable. With its underwater shark design it creates an aura of a real sea life and is a real attraction for kids during hot summer days.

Warranty Period – The Shark Nation pool liner comes with a 25-year warranty, so you will not have to worry about the frequent replacement and  maintenance issues.

Defense against UV rays – This pool liner is manufactured with the ultimate protection against damaging sun rays and UV rays. As the above ground pool liners are under direct exposure to the sun they need extra protection during sunny days but with this pool liner you need not to worry about putting on a shielding layer.

Advanced Construction Technology – The Shark Nation pool liner is built with the state of the art Lap Seam Construction technology, which provides extra resistance towards breakage from sharp objects and makes it more durable and long lasting. Also, it would not let the pool liner get into any tensions and hence lead to damage. Rather, it can accommodate minor to mild conditions of such situations and would not wreck.

Free Shipping — Being a product of Quality Pool Products, you can get free shipping of this pool liner at your door step. The shipping period is usually short and speedy, you will not have to wait for weeks to get your order delivered.


Benefits of using this Overlap Pool Liner:

The overlap pool liners are the oldest, most durable and high demand pool liners in the market. Some of their essential benefits are

  1. This fabulous pool liner is more economical as compared to beaded or J-beaded pool liners. This shark nation pool liner offers the same quality and resistance as any other pool liner, but at a much cheaper price. So you can save your money and still get all the high quality benefits you want to have from your pool liner.
  2. These are easy to replace and install. You need to be very accurate about the pool measurements and be very precise during the installation process so that no wrinkles are left in the liner surface. Once a smooth surface is acquired, you just have to clip it with coping strips at the pool edge.
  3. The overlap pool liners come in a variety of design patterns and when installed in an above ground pool they create a very catchy location. The Shark Nation pool liner is particularly very captivating for kids and it can encourage them towards a healthy summer activity.
  4. The built-in UV protection feature of this pool liner eliminates the need to cover or protect your pool against the sun rays. You can easily leave your above ground pool liner without a cover and enjoy the pool luxury whenever you feel like. It would not get faded or wrinkled in severe weather conditions.
  5. The Shark Nation Pool Liner can be used with 48’’, 52’’ and 54’’ pool heights. The variety in heights can give you an added advantage in case you want to change your pool to a bigger height and the pool liner is still new. This pool liner will adapt to your new pool height as well.

 What you should be careful about:

All pool liners require special care and regular maintenance so that they last longer and you don’t have to frequently replace them.

  1. The overlap pool liners require an extra care during the installation process. In addition to ensuring a wrinkle free installation, you also need to attach the coping stripes properly so that they don’t come off after a swimming session. An inadequate coping strip connection can cause your pool liner to tear across the rim edge and might cause further damage as well. So its better to have an expert installation service to get the liner installed in a perfect way.
  2. Clean your pool properly before replacing the pool liner. Drain out all the water and give special cleaning exercise to the pool bed so that it does not contain any pointed objects or stones. Refresh the pool sand as well.
  3. As a maintenance routine, keep checking the copings and wrinkles in the pool liner. Drain out all the pool water and inspect carefully for any wrinkles that might have appeared in the pool liner. Wrinkles are removed by a straight and gradual outward motion toward the pool rim.

The Shark Nation Pool liner is a durable and long lasting pool liner, built with UV protection and high grade synthetic vinyl it can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.  This will be a very reasonable investment for you above ground pool lining and you would not regret to have it installed. As it will protect your pool exactly the way you need and will cause no frequent maintenance issues. The attractive artwork will give you an extravagant swimming experience.

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